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Brown vintage leather journal with exposed spine, The Book of Adventures

€235.00 EUR
I made this book in the traditional binding technique but I wanted an exposed spine, in a wish to experiment and rediscover the possibilities of this great craft. It was sewn on leather cords for both practical and aesthetic reasons – to create a book that is resistant and beautiful at the same time.

The leather I used for the covers is authentic, and is very old, provenient from a beauty bag that I once acquired in a antiques fair in Portugal. This was its actual preservation state – it is healthy, thick and has a beautiful overall appearance of the old leather with stains, scratches and sewing marks. It is still in very good condition and I also made a preventive consolidation on it to ensure its flexibility over time.

The spine was made in a technique close to that of the medieval bindings, but in this book the binding system is exposed. There are four linen cords that reinforce the spine and enter the covers, being incorporated into their design to form a distinctive model.

The book measures 7.7x9.5 inches (19.5 x 23.5 cm) and has 100 pages (200 sides) of Fabriano artist quality paper. The paper is thick, it has 200 gsm, is light beige color, acid free slightly textured. It will work for ink, pen, basically any media, including watercolor.

The edges of the book block were stained to resemble a well worn book. The endpages are made from marbled paper, with brown, red, yellow and black veins. The headbands are hand sewn from black linen thread.

This journal is an art object, I hope you will enjoy it!

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