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Zodiac Leather Journal, Aries astrological sign, Hand painted and tooled - The Horoscope Collection

€325.00 EUR
This journal is dedicated to the first of the zodiac signs, The Aries. The entire horoscope collection depicts original artwork that I created for these books. The theme is the zodiac wheel showing the twelve signs used in horoscopic astrology, in the center of the wheel being featured a main sign, in this case the ARIES. The wheel is formed by radient panels that are colored in each sign's representative color. Aries' corespondent color is red.  Aries is associated with planet Mars. It is a color that stimulates, enlivens and motivates and is linked with the muscular system, blood, arteries, head and brain.

The decoration was tooled and stamped by hand into the leather with hot tools. The it was minutely painted with leather paints. The book resembles a precious medieval book and has a intriguing mysterious look.

The journal measures 6.3x8.7 inches (16x22 cm). It has 170 pages (340 sides) of writing paper. The paper is hand torn, white, blank and is acid free. It holds well ink ans writing in any media, it does not bleed through.
The endpages are made of marbled paper with red, bright orange and black veins. The headbands were sewn by hand, from black grey and orange linen thread.

This book is a one of a kind art object. I hope you will love it once you’ll meet it.

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