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RESERVED. Leather Journal / Blank Book, Black Leather, Tooled Decoration - Black Lace

€245.00 EUR
This book is made of black leather with a detailed tooled decoration. I chose a monochromatic theme to give this book a refined aspect, bringing together sobriety and elegance. At the same time, the uniformity of the black leather allows the detailed decoration to create a fascinating impression, and a tactile experience at the same time. Every single part of the design was hand stamped by blind tooling, each small element at the time.

The book measures 7 x 10.2 inches (18.5 x 26 cm) and has a total of 104 pages (208 sides). It is filled with Fabriano artist paper, warm white / buttery colour, slightly textured, hand torn and thick (200 g/m²). It is acid free, perfect for writing and sketching in any media, even watercolor. In case you want to use this as a photo album, the paper is chlorine-free so your photos will be safe from aging inside it.

The endpages are made of hand marbled paper with brown, grey, ocher and black veins. The headbands were hand sewn with gold and black color threads.

This book is as an art object. I hope you will love it once you’ll meet it.

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