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Dark blue leather journal with silver and blue decoration, "Blue Symphony"

€240.00 EUR
This blank journal is bound in dark blue leather. It has a romantic old look, its design was created to resemble that of a magic tome and patina was added to give it an antique look. It would be perfect for being used as a magic book, a inspirational journal or a family heirloom. The covers are decorated in shades of silver and luminous blue and create a precious texture reminding of old lace. Tiny silver brads were placed at the intersections of the silver tooled lines.

The end pages are made of hand marbled paper. The headbands are hand sewn by me with metallic (silver) and light blue threads.

The book measures 10.2 x 7.3 inches (26 x 18.5 cm). It is filled with artist quality paper and has 114 pages (228 sides). This is warm white Fabriano Rusticus paper was hand torn (200g/m²) and will work for both writing and sketching in ink and dry media, even watercolor.

This journal is ready to ship!

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