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Small green leather journal with gold tooled decoration - Bohemian Charm

€80.00 EUR

This little journal was bound in rich green leather color with antiqued finish. The design was hand tooled in detail with gold foil, reminding of a medieval tome that was found on a shelf of a library. It is one of a kind and it has the elegance and the charm of a book with history.

The notebook measures 3.5 x 4.5 inches (8.5 x 11 cm). It has 156 pages (312 sides) of hand torn Keaykolour creative paper with parchment texture. The paper has a natural earthy color and 90 gsm. The end pages are made of decorative paper with a floral green pattern. 

This book has the perfect size and weight to be hold or carried around in your bag. It feels like you're holding something wonderful and precious in your hands. Enjoy writing!

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