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Leather Journal / Magic Book with Lock and Key - Wheel of the Year

€475.00 EUR

This journal was created on the theme of the Wheel of the Year. The binding is made of natural brown leather, hand tooled and decorated with leather paints, and antiqued to have an old finish. The journal locks with a antique black lock and key so it can make a great secret diary or book of spells.

This book is available on backorder. Please allow 5 working days for me to make it for you.

The thematic is mysterious, an historic symbolic representation of time divided into annual cycles. It is believed to have a sacred meaning. The names of the cycles were stamped onto the leather in Gothic characters. The symbols on the inner circle represent the zodiac signs. I used for this book soft chromatic harmonies, earthy colors such as the light cream of the natural leather, the brown painted areas and a few orange and black accents in the tooled decoration. The design is very detailed and the entire binding was made to look like a medieval magic book.

The book measures 10.2 x 7.3 inches (26 x 18.5 cm). It is filled with writing paper and has 190 pages (380 sides). The paper is white, blank, it has 125 g/m², is hand torn and works for ink and dry media. This paper is acid free and does not bleed through. The edges of journal were toned in light brown to make the book block fit better the overall antique look of this book.

The endpages are made of marbled paper with yellow, red and ocher veins on a brown background.

This book is an art object. Yoiu can use it as a magic journal, a book of spells, a secret place to keep your thoughts... It will serve you for a long time!

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