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Leather Journal, Blank Book, Handpainted decoration, "Gate to the Spirit", One of a Kind (2/4)

€340.00 EUR
This journal or blank book is the second of a collection of four books that are in this series called "The Gates". This was entitled "Gate to the Spirit" as the covers of the journal symbolise the doors of a gate that open to the inside, to the inner self. Writing a journal is in a way a meditation and a trip to self discovery.

This journal was decorated in a very special way, using hot tools to give the leather a texture similar to that of the wood, which was then handpainted and antiqued to look just like an old gate. The decoration is telling the story of a rustic warm place where aging only makes things more beautiful. This journal is closing with a vintage padlock which will be able to lock and open with a tiny old key. It is the only journal in this collection that has a lock. It is because The Gate to the Spirit is different than the other Gates: the heart, the mind and and soul belong to us human beings. The spirit however is a different type of quality; it helps us connect with what we regard as higher than ouselves - the univers. Our Spirit must be unlocked in order to open to everything that surrounds us.

Permanent leather dyes were used and the painting was sealed to protect it agains scratching and degrading.

The end pages are made of decorative brown paper. The headbands are hand sewn from brown and black color thread.

The book measures 10.2 x 7.5 inches (26 x 19 cm). It has 104 pages (208 sides) of artist quality paper. This is beige / light brown Fabriano paper, hand torn, thick (200 g/m²) and will work for both writing and sketching in any media, including watercolor. The edges of the book were slightly toned to make the bookblock fit better the overall of the book.

This journal is an art object. You can use it as a journal, sketchbook or as a family heirloom, either way it will be an unique art piece that you'll own.

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