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Heart Books Collection - Green and Blue Leather Journals with tooled decoration - "Letters with Love"

€140.00 EUR
These journals are bound in a special way, in a technique that divides the front cover in two halves that open like a window to reveal the inside of the book. The binding is made in hand dyed leather in various shades of green and blue. Some are blind tooled, some are decorated with gold foil. The front cover decoration is so detailed as to give the impression of lace, or perhaps of a stone sculpture where the main feature is the tactile, bi-dimensional perception. The heart symbol and the edges of the books were given an antiqued finish.

The books measures 5x5.5 inches (12.5x 13.3 cm) and are filled with a mixture of warm white cotton paper Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton, and parchment like paper from Keaykolour Arjowiggins. The paper is hand thorn, acid free and will hold well ink and dry media.

The endpages are made of marbled paper chosen in tones with the covers. The notebooks are closing in front with fine leather stripes.

This journal collection is unique. It was created for a special customer with so much good energy and love ♡

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