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Mottled leather journal, antique style with gold tooling. One of a Kind

€170.00 EUR

This journal is made of natural goatskin which was hand dyed with leather dyes in tones of brown in this lovely mottled pattern. It is one of a kind as no two identical patterns could ever be obtained. The gold accents are giving this binding an elegant aspect, reminding of the old tomes from the shelves of a library,  

The notebook measures 6.5x9 inches (16.5x22.5 cm) and has a total of 180 pages (360 sides) of hand torn Keaykolour creative paper with parchment texture. The paper has a natural earthy color and 90 gsm. 
The endpapers are made of hand marbled paper with brown, black and ocher veins. The headbands were sewn by hand with brown and black threads. 

This journal has a lot of character. It would fit perfectly in your collection of antique books or your vintage style interior. I hope you will enjoy!

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