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The Mysterious Tome - Dark Leather Book with Black Pages

€260.00 EUR
This is a special, quite unusual journal, made of antiqued leather. It was inspired by an old deteriorated tome from the shelf of a libraries, by the beauty of the marks left by time on its covers. The leather I used has a beautiful antiqued finish with rich tones varying from orange to dark brown.

It is a thick book, of considerable weight, which I choose to fill with black paper, making it even more unusual than other books.This way it can be used not only as a notebook, but also as a scrapbook or an album. If used as a notebook to write in, silver, gold and white ink pens / markers can be used.

The book measures 8 x 8.5 inches (20.5 x 21.5 cm), it has 210 pages (420 sides) of high quality, black paper. The paper was hand torn, is thick and heavy weight (150 g/m²) so will work great for both writing and sketching in wet and dry media.

To turn it into a scrapbook or photo album, just turn part of the pages into spacers by trimming them to 1 inch size near the spine. This will allow the addition of photos without growing the thickness of the bookblock more than that of the spine.

The end pages are made of marbles paper, blue with gold veins. The headbands embellish the book at the head and the tale, being hand sewn from black and yellow thread.

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