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Green Leather Journal with Gold Decoration - Hues of Melancholy

€280.00 EUR

This book is made of antiqued leather with beautiful tones varying from light to deep with brown and black accents. It was hand dyed and designed to have a vintage aspect, to look like a mysterious tome from the shelf of an old library. The decoration I chose for the cover is gold to give a precious look to this book. It was made by tooling and stamping the leather with heated tools, each element at the time.

The notebook measures 6.5x9 inches (16.5x22.5 cm) and has a total of 182 pages (364 sides) of hand torn Keaykolour creative paper with parchment texture. The paper has a natural earthy color and 90 gsm. 

The end pages are made of hand marbled paper with green, yellow and red veins. The headbands are handsewn from green and golden yellow silk threads.

This journal is an art object. It would make a beautiful addition to any collection and any library. I hope you will enjoy filling it!

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