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Very Large Journal, Artist Sketchbook, Brown Vintage Leather - Time Capsule

€400.00 EUR
This very simple and very worn book is made of a wonderful piece of leather recovered from an old handbag. It was made to preserve the entire original aspect of the leather and the history that it carries, including the design with the leather belts and the corners. It has the beautiful color of aged leather and various surface marks and scratches that show its personality and the charm of a book with history. The design of the book is deliberate minimal, to allow the beauty of this old leather to appear unaltered.

The spine was made to resemble that of an old book, the raised bands being obtained with other stripes of leather underneath. It is covered with brown leather and painted with leather paints.

The book measures 9.5 x 15.5 inches (24.5 x 39 cm) and has around 104 pages (208 sides). It is filled with Fabriano artist paper and has 104 pages (208 sides). The paper is light beige, slightly textured, hand torn and thick, it has 250 g/m² (for comparison, photocopy paper has 90 g/m²). It is acid free, perfect for writing and sketching in any media, even watercolor.

The endpapers are made of dark brown decorative paper with a slightly marbled aspect. The headbands were hand-sewn from yellow and orange brown cotton thread.

This book is unique. It is the beauty of the materials that makes it so special and authentic. It is an art object, I hope you will love it once you’ll meet it.

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