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Very large art journal, Ivory leather with Hinges and Lock and key - Medieval Heirloom

€850.00 EUR

This is a medieval style blank book, a very large leather journal bound in ivory leather with a slight hand painted marbled texture. It has very soft color tones and contrasts, varying from ivory white to light brown to light grey. I designed it to have a old precious aspect, to look like a mysterious tome shelves of a medieval library. The covers have brass hardware - hinges and brads paired with Swarovski's crystals in the corners and center of the covers. The book closes with a functional lock and key. The key is attached to the spine of the book with a chain but can be detached as needed.

This is a large and heavy journal. It measures 12.5x16 inches (32x41 cm) and has 168 pages (336 sides) of Fabriano artist quality paper. The paper is warm white, slightly textured, hand torn and thick, it has 200 g/m². It is acid free, perfect for writing and sketching in any media, even watercolor. In case you want to use this as a photo album, the paper is chlorine-free so your photos will be safe from aging inside it. 

The end pages are made of beautiful hand marbled paper with red, yellow brown and white veins. The headbands are hand sewn from brown and black black threads.

This journal is a one of a kind art object. You can use it as a family book, a magic book or simply as a journal to pass down your family as a heirloom, either way, you will definitely love it once you’ll meet it.

*Please note, due to its size and metal accessories, this book weights around 6 kilos (13 lbs).

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