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Previous Work

A collection of bindings I made in the past, some dating way back to 2009 and some from the more recent years. Among all the journals I made (they are more than two thousand of them so far!) these remained special to me in one way or another. Some due to an original design, some due to a special customer, some just because they turned out beautifully. A vast majority of them I will not make again, they were one of a kind and would be impossible to replicate. Some I might return to and create a similar version in the future perhaps.


An year of experimenting, of working with reclaimed materials and applying different self-taught techniques 



Was the year when my learnings have solidified and I started to expand to using medieval like hardware, gold decorations, painting of the edges




Another year, a step in front by trying to create my own book furniture, brass clasps and other decorations. Also getting closer to a conservation approach regarding use of old leather in its original condition and incorporating other vintage elements such as photographs and other antique markets finds.




Discovering blind tooling and marbling leather. Doing my first book art project and collaboration with another paper artist, Razvan Supuran. Trying a somewhat more modern approach to cover design.




Traveling back and forth from Portugal to Romania a lot and setting bookbinding studios in both places so I can work all the time. Staring to create unique pieces, bindings in original formats with handpainted details incorporated into the cover designs.




Becoming more interested in original work, developing interesting projects for clients who commission out of ordinary books. Working with precious stones for jewelry bindings and making some one of a kind designs in collaboration with Romanian painter Adrian Borda




Having a preference for very complex designs, raised elements in combination with stamping techniques, hand painting and ageing with patina.



- to be continued