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Large vintage leather journal, Tooled decoration with Dragon and Sword. Tea stained pages. "The Force within You"

€420.00 EUR

This old looking journal is made of a worn piece of leather that was reclaimed from a vintage handbag. It has a rich dark brown color and various marks and scars that show its age and wear through time. It has the charm of a book with history. The decoration of the cover was made in accordance to the character of this piece. It depicts an ancient dragon on the front panel and a sword on the back. By associating these two symbols I meant to refer to the inner self, to the force that lays within us and which we must discover and awake. It takes belief and determination to look into the silent depths of our being and bring out the force that resides within our hearts and our minds.

The journal measures 7.5 x 8.3 inches (18.5 x 26 cm). It has antiqued tea stained pages. The paper is Fabriano artist quality, 114 pages (228 sides), slightly textured, hand torn and thick, (200 gsm). It is acid free, perfect for writing and sketching in any media, even watercolor.

The endpapers are made of hand marbled paper with red and black veins. The headbands were hand sewn with red and black threads. 

This journal has a lot of character. It would fit perfectly in your collection of antique books or be your unique journal for inner work and discovery. I hope you will enjoy!

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