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Dark Green Leather Journal with gold floral decoration. Romantic Journey

€450.00 EUR

This romantic journal is bound in dark green goatskin with a beautiful visible grain on the surface. The cover os decorated in fine detail with floral motifs which gives it a romantic precious look. The decoration was made with heated brass tools, each element at a time, using a combination of free hand tooling and ornaments like flower buds, leaves and very fine points.

The book measures 10.2 x 7.3 inches (26 x 18.5 cm). It has 104 pages (208 sides) of Fabriano Rusticus artist paper. This paper has 200 gsm, is acid free, does not bleed through and the surface has a soft tooth which makes it perfect for writing, drawing and painting in dry and wet media, even watercolor.

The headband is sewn from green silk thread and gold metalic thread. It created a beautiful model at the head and the tale of the book. The endpapers are made of handmarbled paper with green, red and orange veins. 

This notebook is an art object. It would make a beautiful addition to any collection and any library. I hope you will enjoy filling it!

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