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Miniature leather journal, Natural leather, tooled decoration

€55.00 EUR
This tiny book is made of natural leather (undyed) that was sealed and slightly antiqued around the edges. The marks and the color hues are part of the organic nature of the leather material. I designed this mini journal to have a natural look, the decoration creating a texture and a tactile experience. It was made by blind tooling each element at a time.

The miniature book measures 2 x 2.5 inches (5.2 x 6.5 cm). It has 90 pages (180 sides) of hand thorn, Keaykolour aged parchment paper. Acid free, 90 gsm weight, this paper beautifully combines color and texture to give the perfect natural earthy background for your writing. The endpages are made of hand marbled paper with black and brown veins.

This little notebook is  both a functional object and a decorative item. It fits any bag and is perfect to take on the go to jot down quick ideas and thoughts. I hope you will enjoy filling it!

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