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Vintage Leather Journal, Worn brown leather, Always Remember

€170.00 EUR

This old looking journal is made of a worn piece of leather that came from an old handbag. As all my vintage leather journals, it is one of a kind. Its patina and wear give it the charm of a book with history. I preserved the leather of the cover just as it was in its original state but I decorated the spine area by blind tooling, patina and leather paint.

The notebook measures 6x8.3 inches (15 x 21 cm), has 150 pages (300 sides) and is filled with Favini Shiro Alga paper, an ecological paper produced from algae in Venice Lagoon. The seaweed particles are visible on the surface to give a unique natural look and its ivory color makes it fit perfectly the overall old feel of this book. The paper is hand torn, has 120 gsm, and it will hold well ink, dip pens, gel and ball pens, markers and any dry media. 

The endpapers are made of marbled paper with brown and orange veins. The headbands are hand sewn from ocher and white silk thread. 

This journal has a lot of character and will make a beautiful addition to your books collection. I hope you will enjoy!

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