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Blue Leather Journal with Tooled Decoration. Interlaced Structures

€130.00 EUR
This journal is bound in hand dyed leather with different shades of blue and an antique finish. I designed it to have an ancient aspect, to look like a mysterious tome found on the shelves of an old library. The decoration I chose for the cover gives it a precious look as it was made by tooling, each small element at the time. Patina was applied to the overall to give it a worn look.

The book measures 5 x 6.7 inches (12.5 x 17 cm). It is filled with Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton paper (110 gsm) and has 156  pages (312 sides). The paper is hand thorn, acid free and it will hold well ink and dry media.

The headbands are hand sewn with gold and brown threads. The endpapers are made of hand marbled paper with a blue veins. 

This little book is an art object. I hope you will love it once you’ll meet it.

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