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Handpainted leather journal, Artist paper, "Carta Marina". One of a Kind

€540.00 EUR
This blank book is bound in natural leather painted by hand in great detail. The decoration is depicting a geographic scene inspired by a map from 1539 by Olaus Magnus and depicts the Northern lands". This map has incredible and very detailed elements and contains some fascinating marine creatures and mythical sea monsters. It also shows glimpes from the life and the habbits of the nordic people. I was absolutely fascinated by the details of these representations and I wanted to create a traveler journal that reflects that. 

The entire book was designed to resemble a medieval tome. The areas that represent the land are embossed underneath the leather to create a similar effect to that of the raised relief maps. The leather was painted in minimal tones using leather dye and colored patina to give it a worn look.

The end pages are made of marbled paper with brown veins. The headbands are hand sewn by hand from brown and black threads.

The book measures 10.3x7 inches (26x18 cm). It has 104 pages (208 sides) of artist quality Modigliani Bianco, warm white, blank, 200gms. It was hand torn and will works for great with any media media, including watercolor. This paper is acid free and does not bleed through.

This journal is an art object. You can expose it as a unique piece of book art in your collection or use it as a traveling journal, either way, you will love it once you’ll meet it.

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