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Brown leather journal with tooled floral decoration . Romantic Journey

€130.00 EUR

This romantic journal is bound in vegetable dyed brown leather with a beautiful antique finish. The cover was decorated with botanical leaf motifs to give it a romantic look and resemble as if it would belong to another era in time. The decoration was made with heated brass tools, each small element at a time. 

This notebook measures 4.7x6.3 inches (12 x 16 cm). It is filled with Conqueror laid cream paper and has 180 pages (360 sides). The paper is hand thorn, acid free and has a ribbed texture created to guide handwriting. This quality paper it will hold well ink and dry media. 

The end pages are made of handmade hand-screened paper with orange floral motifs. The headbands are hand sewn from brown and beige threads.

This binding was made in two copies with slightly different design, so please note when you purchase it, that small differences can exist between the photos and the binding you will receive. Nevertheless both copies are equally beautiful! 

This notebook is an art object. It would make a beautiful addition to any collection and any library. I hope you will enjoy filling it!

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