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Light blue leather journal with gold tooled decoration, The Circle of Time

€310.00 EUR
This journal is bound in pale blue goatskin. It was designed to resemble a mysterious tome. The decoration was tooled and stamped into the leather, each element at the time. Dark blue contrasting areas and a patina was created to fit the overall antique look of this book.

The theme of this book is Time and it's cyclic passage, and its representation as a zodiac divided into twelve signs. The eye in the middle is The Eye of Providence, a symbol that represents the divinity watching over humanity. The background was tooled with stars to remind of the celestial world. 

The book measures 10.2 x 7.5 inches (26 x 19 cm). It has 114 pages (228 sides) of artist quality paper. This is warm white Fabriano paper, hand torn, (200g/m²) and will work for both writing and sketching in any media, including watercolor. 

The end pages are made of screen printed paper, dark blue color with a golden bird pattern. The headbands were hand sewn with gold and blue color threads.

This book is great to use as a daily journal, as a grimoire or as a magic book. It would also be perfect for an artist who would fill it up with ink drawings or perhaps tattoo sketches.

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