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Green leather journal with handpainted decoration, One of a kind - Nautical Wind Rose

€520.00 EUR

This is a one of a kind art journal bound in green leather and decorated in a mixed technique including stamping, gold tooling and hand painting. The central theme is the Wind Rose, a nautical cartography element used to facilitate the orientation on the sea. Other symbolic elements such as the Fleur-de-lis and the cross were used to determine cardinal points on the maps but also with decorative purposes. What has drawn me to this subject is precisely the fact that this utilitarian tool has become an artistic and symbolic element, not just a mare embellishment. A wheel is surrounding the wind rose depicting the name of the winds and their figurative representations blowing from different directions. 

This book measures 10.2 x 7.3 inches (26 x 18.5 cm). It has 150 pages (300 sides) of blank artist quality Favini paper. The paper is white, has a smooth finish, is hand thorn and weights 180 g/m². This paper is perfect for writing and sketching in mixed media. The edges of the book block have been tones a light beige to better fit the antique look of this journal. 

The end pages are made of hand marbled paper with green, ocher and brown veins. The headbands are handsewn from green and ocher threads.

This journal is unique. It would make a beautiful addition to any collection and any library. I hope you will enjoy filling it!

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