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Leather journal with painted edges. Tooled and hand painted floral decoration. "Spring Swirls"

€170.00 EUR

This journal is bound in natural leather hand dyed in shades of orange brown and green. It was tooled with floral decoration suggesting the arrival of spring and the decoration extended to the edges of the book block, which was cut straight, sanded smooth and painted by hand with a detailed vegetable motif. It has a romantic look and patina was added to give it also a vintage appereance.

The book measures 4.5x6.3 inches (11.5x16 cm). It is filled with 150 pages (300 sides) of Conqueror Connoisseur 100% Cotton, buttery white paper. The paper is hand thorn, acid free and will hold well ink and dry media. The end pages are made of hand marbled paper with green, orange and brown veins.

Please note: There were two journals made with this design which is slightly different, so please note when you purchase it that differences can exist between the photos and the design you will receive. Nevertheless both copies are very similar and equally beautiful! 

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