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Red leather journal with gold decoration - The Caduceus

€130.00 EUR

This journal is bound in rich red leather with smooth texture, tooled with gold and ornate with tiny brads made of brass. It was designed to resemble an elegant collector's book with luxurious aspect.

*please note, two copies were bound of this journal, with slightly different spine decoration. The one you will receive is the one depicted in the first two photos. 

The central panel of the covers depicts the Caduceus, which was is the staff carried by Hermes in ancient Greek mythology and a symbol that during the ages was attributed various meanings. It symbolizes h
ealing, as the Greeks regarded snakes as sacred and used them in healing rituals to honor Asclepius. It also stands for Salvation, as Moses used the bronze serpent on a rod to save his people from snakes sent by God as punishment. The snake symbol also represents immortality and transformation, rebirth and rejuvenation. In Roman mythology it was seen as a symbol for peace and power, Mercury ceased the fight between two serpents with his wand, and brought restoration and peace between them. The rod represents power and unification, while the wings symbolize higher thoughts. In astronomy, astrology, and alchemy, the Caduceus symbolizes the four elements: the wings for the air, the movement of serpents for the water, the snakes for the fire, and the rod for the earth. The intertwined serpents symbolize fertility.

The book measures 4.7 x 6.3 inches (12 x 16 cm). It is filled with Conqueror laid cream paper and has 180 pages (360 sides). The paper is hand thorn, acid free and has a ribbed texture created to guide handwriting. This quality paper it will hold well ink and dry media.

The end pages are made of hand marbled paper with red, ocher and black veins. The headbands were sewn by hand from gold metallic thread and red silk thread.

This journal is an art object. You can use it as a diary, book of spells or as a secret journal, either way, you will love it once you’ll meet it.

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