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Welcome to my website! Finally, it is up and running, my very own space in the world wide web . After 7 years of selling on etsy, I thought it was about time that I set my own online store that can give me greater control over my creative space and help me connect better with my friends and customers. Back in 2008 etsy was the perfect venue for my first bookbinding experiences. It still is a wonderful place to meet people and fellow artists, where we all feel part of a big family, but is not enough anymore for me to showcase my art work. Over the years my work has grown and developed into so much more than just a craft. Bookbinding is my passion, is my artistic journey and my full time job. It needs an exclusive dedicated place for those who have been following my journey and collected my work. A place where I can share more of the behind the scenes bookbinding. I'm happy to welcome you in the new home of TeoStudio bindery.

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