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Wheel of the Year binding

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As the end of the year is approaching, I felt I wanted to finish this binding that I started a couple of months ago as a side project, as I wanted to document for you my entire bookbinding process. Turns out I am still working on improving my film editing skills so for the time being I just wanted to share the final result in a few photos and a simple video.

A few thoughts I'd also like to share looking back at this year, it's not been the easiest for me I must say, I had a lot of challenges on both personal and professional level but I am looking forward with excitement and optimism to the next year. I admit that growth in our lives is happening when we are met with challenges and difficulties, when we face what makes us uncomfortable and get out of it successful. 

I want to say thank you for being here and following my work on this platform. To my customers, to my fellow artists and friends, I appreciate you, I am grateful for your time and for having you in my journey!

♡ Teo


The journal is available in one single copy from here.

Wheel of the year_1 Wheel of the year_2

Wheel of the year_3 Wheel of the year_4

Wheel of the year_5

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