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Update from the studio

After a somewhat long break from this space, more exactly two years without posting anything new, I'm happy to be back with renewed energy! It's been quite a challenge in many ways to keep my small business up and running throughout the crazy times we've been living, and while the pandemic is still not over and my heart goes out to all of you who live in parts of the world which are still struggling with the present situation, I am relieved to say that here in Portugal we have achieved a momentary state of stability. I hope you stay safe and take good care of yourself, wherever you are in the world at this time. 

Being at home most of this time I chose to dedicate myself to just one goal, and that was to take care of my family and myself as well as possible, so bookbinding took a step back and remained on a secondary plan all this time. I have continued to bound books because it continues to be my biggest passion and brings me incredible satisfaction but I posted them on other, smaller platforms, because honestly I could not keep up with a continuous stock nor with the commission requests I used to take on.

As life slowly returned to normal I too was able to return to my work in the studio daily and as of this month I felt confident enough to reopen my online shop. I have a few bindings that I created in the past 2 years that I'd love to share with you, those that I'm more proud of, because despite all the unfavorable conditions art has and will always go on.

 Some very large leather journals
   Large medieval journal

 Romantic leather journals

Romantic leather journal
 Journal with floral decoration

Old looking leather journals 

Journal with Copper decoration Vintage leather journal

Handpainted journals with original artwork, one of a kind

Sun and moon journal Hidden treasure journal

Bindings with symbols

Hamsa and the Eye of the Univers symbols, blue leather with gold decoration 

Hamsa journal
The eye of the universe Hamsa symbol journal

The Rod of Asclepius magic journal

The Magic Serpent journal

The Temple, black leather journals with gold decoration

Temple leather journal Black and gold leather journal

And last but not least, an impressive commission which was quite a challenge and a breakthrough - The Samurai 

The Samurai journal

All these are now sold but I would be honored if you would watch this space for more updates and posts about what is currently in work in the studio. The books that are available at the moment can be found in the shop section of this site.

Thank you for being part of my journey! 

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  • Angelo on

    Ola! Meu nome Angelo. Sou de Australia! Forgive my Portuguese, as it is Broken 😂 But regarding the Books that you have sold out, would it be possible to remake them again for other customers? Or is it just a one time thing or a commission by people?

    And speaking of Commissions, how much would it cost to commission a customised book?

    Muito Obrigado !

  • Teodora on

    @Medieval Journey Thank you so much sister! Always glad you receive your wonderful feedback on my work! <3

  • Teodora on

    Dear Mr. Lai, I am so happy to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words and your continuous support of my work! You are absolutely right, we should see the bright side of the situation and be grateful for today. I was able to visit my family after 2 years of not being able to so I am grateful for that as well. I hope to be able to translate this gratitude into my future work and hopefully be able to create something beautiful!

  • Mr.Lai on

    It is good to see you return with renew energy! Same as you, in Hong Kong there are some similar situation and everyone need to face their own difficulties. It is glad to hear that we both passed it and still alive today!
    I just look though your old product’s photo. Honestly, my favorite are the book with symbols(Sun) and the book with magic wand, it showed a very creative design, it is looking forward to see your new creation in the coming future!


  • Medieval Journey on

    These are stunning, each and every single one, a work of art! I agree artists should have time for themselves to recharge and get in touch with their muse. Can’t wait to see the new creations as well!

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