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Journals with lock and key - Part 1: Best sellers

best seller journal with lock lockable diary

I have been making journals with lock and key, or lockable diaries as I like to refer to them, since more than ten years. It's been a constant passion in my work and I love the challenge of finding new designs and original locking solutions, weather using the traditional lock and key, a padlock or another decorative closing system.

Some of these journals have been so admired and requested that I now offer them on a regular basis or I can make them on demand. Such is the case of my most sold item, The Turquoise lock and key journal.

blue turquoise journalThe Turquoise journal, original version

This one has a very cute back story behind it - it was requested for the first time by a dad who wanted to offer his nine years old daughter a lockable diary and loved my traditional Brown Book, however he wanted something a bit more colorful, and told me that his daughter's favorite colors are turquoise and green. He asked me if I can make a custom book for her and I loved the challenge, especially his idea totally melt my heart so I created this book.

journal with lock and key from teostudioActual version of the journal

diary with lock and key
The original Brown Book

And a few variations I've made over the years. Which one is your favorite? Do you want a lockable leather journal in your favorite color and you think it would look amazing? Don't hesitate to let me know!

diary with lock and key

red purple leather journal

blue red leather journal

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