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Miniature Journals

miniature journals small books

There's something so fascinating in making teeny tiny books and journals, for me the smaller the better, of course! Whenever I need to give my mind a break and keep my hands busy I immerse into the production of a batch of these little beauties. I love to use vintage bits of leather that I have found at the flea markets and gathered along the years. The smallest I ever made? Earrings and necklace size, definitely. Check out my collection below. These I made over the years and now are all sold, however from time to time something like this might just pop up again in my shop.
Library of miniature books
Some of my miniature leather journals on a tiny shelf found at the flea market

miniature leather books and journals
How many of these tiny books can fit in your hand?

Gromit with miniature books tiny books
A teeny tiny collection which was modeled for me by Gromit himself

very small book miniature leather binding
These tiny journals are as small as a thumb

 miniature book with gold tooling  vintage leather miniature journal with antique keyPalm size book  antique miniature book
Slightly larger but still very miniature journals made of vintage leather
and accessories

Miniature leather journal
mini journals from teostudio
And last but not least, these pocket size leather journals which are perfect to take on the go and put down your quick notes and thoughts

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  • Teodora on

    Hi Michel,
    I just want to let you know I was able to finish some tiny journals, if you wanna have a look please check – https://www.teo-studio.com/collections/miniatures . Thank you so much for your consideration!

  • Teodora on

    Hi Michel, Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I’m working on a new collection of miniatures at the moment which I want to release before Christmas and I will be happy to send you a note when they are available!

  • Michel Favre on

    Please inform me when your tiny and pocket size books are available again!
    Thank you and kind regards

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